Fields of legal consultations

We provide patent attorney advice in all areas of physics and mechanical engineering. The patent attorneys of RHP have many years of experience in obtaining technical IP rights in the following fields of technology, among others:

  • aerospace
  • machine tools
  • hand tools
  • machines for the production of confectionery
  • laser technology
  • automobiles
  • commercial vehicles
  • fasteners
  • medical technology
  • freeze-drying equipment
  • furniture and furniture fittings
  • pneumatics
  • hydraulics
  • vibration technology
  • high-resolution microscopy
  • clamping technology
  • material processing
  • plasma technology
  • conveyor technology
  • handling systems
  • laboratory equipment
  • optics
  • solar technology

Intellectual property rights

IP rights serve to protect your intellectual property. IP rights allow you to enforce claims for injunctive relief, information, damages and destruction against your competitors. IP rights are patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.



"You will be surprised that also small developements might be patentable."

Patente + Gebrauchsmuster

Patents and utility models protect technical inventions that are new compared to the prior art and involve an inventive step.

Unitary Patent: from June 01, 2023 it will be possible to request a European Unitary Patent (alternatively or cumulatively to national validations of the European Patent).

Information concerning the Unitary Patent can be found here "Overview on the Unitary patent system".

Example: European patent Patent EP 1 563 963 (see illustration) which was defended by RHP in nullity proceedings and enforced against competitors protects a new type of screwdriver for working on electrical systems, the screwdriver having replaceable functional parts.



Patent drawing EP 1 563 963 B1

"File first, talk afterwards." (general rule for inventors)


A Design protects the eye appeal of a product. The eye appeal has to be new and requires an individual character

Example: Design EM 001905712 (see illustration) protects the eye appeal of our client's office roller cabinet against imitation by competitors.


Design roll-fronted cabinet EM 001905712

"A registered design protects the eye-appeal of your product."


trademark serves to distinguish your goods or services from those of other companies. Trademarks are registered if they are not descriptive and are distinctive. Your registered trademark protects you against the use of a younger trademark if there is a likelihood of confusion.

Example: Trademark DE 30 2009 068 273.9 ensures that only our client may use the mark (see illustration) in order to avoid the likelihood of confusion with competitors' products among potential customers.


Trademark Leonardo DE 30 2009 068 273.9

"On the basis of a trademark we are able to protect your reputation."