Our history

The intellectual property law firm (patent attorneys' firm) of REHBERG HUEPPE + PARTNER Patentanwaelte PartG mbB ("RHP") traces its origins back to the firm founded by patent attorney Dr. Fritz Lehmann in Dresden/Germany in 1929. At the beginning, the firm was mostly active in the field of the chocolate and sweets industry located in Dresden. The field of practice continuously expanded in the following years, and patent attorney Rudolf Bibrach entered the firm in 1940. After the war, the firm relocated to Göttingen/Germany and with Rudolf Bibrach at the helm since 1946. Later, the firm was divided into two parts, one in Munich/Germany headed by Dr. Fritz Lehmann and the other one in Göttingen with Rudolf Bibrach.

In 1966, patent attorney Elmar Rehberg entered the firm in Göttingen, and he became a partner in 1971. Patent attorney Paul W. Hüppe joined the firm in 1990. When he became a partner in 1995, the firm was renamed REHBERG+HÜPPE. 

"Intellectual property rights are expensive - however, when placed strategically they can be worth the money spent!"


Patent attorney Bernhard Frank Rehberg began his work with the firm in 1997, and he became a partner in 2002. In the course of continuous growth, patent attorney Dr. Nikolaus Hinrichs began his work with the firm in 2004. When he became a partner in 2005, the firm was renamed REHBERG HÜPPE + PARTNER. Elmar Rehberg retired as a partner of RHP at the end of 2009.

In December 2013, RHP has moved to a bigger office space at Robert-Gernhardt-Platz 1. In this connection, RHP has been converted into a partnership with limited professional liability such that the firm is now registered as REHBERG HUEPPE + PARTNER Patentanwaelte PartG mbB. At the end of 2021 Bernhard Frank Rehberg left the firm. Today the partners of the firm are Paul W. Hüppe and Dr. Nikolaus W. Hinrichs.

Our building at Robert-Gernhardt-Platz 1, Göttingen