Our philosophy

We advise you in the entire field of intellectual property law. Our goal is a long-term and trustful cooperation based on partnership. The quality of our work results is further enhanced by a intensified cooperation with you. In our meetings, we better and better get to know the specifics of your technology field, your product range and your interests. On this basis, we advise you according to your individual requirements and wishes.

When preparing an IP application, we take the time to discuss with you exactly what information is required for an optimal IP application. This includes a detailed discussion of your current and future product portfolio for a trademark application or of the design of your invention including possible variants for a patent application. 

Together with you, we develop a strategy tailored to your needs in order to obtain the broadest possible protection, on the one hand, and to limit costs, on the other hand. For example, we advise whether your trademark should be protected as a word mark and/or as a figurative mark, and we work with you to determine a coverage of countries for an IP application that will provide sufficient protection for you at a reasonable cost.

In examination proceedings, registration proceedings, opposition proceedings, nullity proceedings and cancellation proceedings, we defend your IP application or your IP right against objections by patent and trademark offices or attacks by competitors. When enforcing your property rights against third parties, but also when defending you against claims of your competitors, we strive to find appropriate solutions in your interest. We always recommend a pragmatic out-of-court solution in preference to litigation. Only if we do not see a way to such a solution, we advise you to assert or defend the claims in court.


"Negotiations or law suits- we can provide both as required!"

Finally, we support you in negotiating and drafting contracts with the aim of creating framework conditions which, on the one hand, safeguard your current interests and, on the other hand, are sustainable in the long term.

The guiding principle of our activities is the provision of our consulting services with high quality, individually adapted to your needs and in a personal client relationship.